Write an APA Research Paper Outline like a Pro

Detailed Guides for an APA Research Paper Outline

APA provides instructions for writing professional documents. Below are guides for the APA research paper outline. Reading through this post will boost your skills, enabling you to perform better in your scholarly work.

The Five Major Areas to Focus on in APA Research Documents Outline

Every individual must be keen when drafting their professional documents. APA research outline requires focus in five major areas. These are:

  1. Main paper
  2. Title page
  3. Abstract
  4. Reference section
  5. Paper formatting style

H3: Main Paper

There are four parts in this section: the introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. So, how will you present each section in your writing?

Introduction – Provide an introduction to your writing and the primary objective.

Thesis statement – This should be clear and precise. Readers must understand your argument when they read the thesis statement.

Body section – You should note down all the ideas that validate the research. Every paragraph carries a new approach that justifies your central idea. Indicate facts to defend your proposal.

Conclusion – A conclusion summarizes the entire paperwork. Its outline should restate the thesis. You can note down the significant points to explain in the final paperwork.

The Title Page

The APA research paper outline guides for a title page requires individuals to indicate their work’s title clearly and precisely. It functions to inform the reader of what to expect from your report. Be fast to develop an intriguing topic that captures readers’ attention. Remember, no one would bother reading a paper that has a boring subject.


Abstracts in APA research papers have headers. It should appear in sentence case. Remember, you should never bold your title or even underline it. After you are through with that, you’ll now provide a summary of your research. Ensure that you give info on the topic of your research work.

It would be best if you also touched a little bit on those who participated in the research. You will also give a clear explanation of the methodology used to achieve the primary goal of your study. Abstracts express findings and analysis of the reports. Lastly, you’ll need to brief your audience about your conclusion.


APA guidelines allow for in-text citations. Your reference should include all sources used in your research. Remember, you must follow APA guidelines when referencing your work.

Formatting Style

Formatting APA research documents require one to follow a 12 point font of Times New Roman style. Ensure that you format the entire text as so. Also, it is a must that you should double-space your writing. When formatting the page size, you’ll need to leave a one-inch margin all around. APA formatting guidelines require individuals to number all their pages, with the numbering to appear in the top right corner of every page.

For students to write quality reports for their research reports, you need a better understand and proper writing skills handling academic documents. Various academic departments determine the style to use in your paperwork. Besides, this will also vary depending on the institution and subject at hand. To be confident when writing your reports, don’t hesitate to seek guidelines from your supervisors.