5 Paragraph Essay Outline To Boost Your Writing Skills

What Does A 5-Paragraph Essay Outline Look Like? Let’s Find Out!

Essay papers come in different formats. But now, you must understand that they all follow a typical structure when writing one. As such, you should never be afraid whenever you get an essay paper to handle, no matter the size or number of paragraphs that you have to include. Below, we have a guideline to help you out in outlining a 5 paragraph essay paper. Read with care, and you will come to realize the benefit it comes with.

One primary reason for having an outline is that it fastens the writing process. The outline should provide info in point form to guide you through the entire writing process when you refer to it. So, you won’t have to think of what to write every other time you start a new chapter or paragraph. Now, what will you include in a 5-paragraph essay outline? Let’s find that out!

How to Structure a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

A 5 paragraph essay outline contains:

  1. one paragraph of the introduction
  2. three paragraphs in the body section
  3. one paragraph of the conclusion

Read below for more details on what to include in the above-stated paragraphs!

The Introduction Paragraph

Every other essay paper that you handle must contain an introduction. The primary reason for having this paragraph section is to guide the readers on what to expect in your writing. It should enable them to find the urge to read through the entire essay paper. In short, it should hook the readers to your work.

Also, the introduction will contain info that links other studies to your paperwork. The reader should find a reason why you decided to pick on that particular topic and how it relates to your field at large.

Lastly, you’ll need to provide a thesis statement in your introduction. We are telling you this as the last point because it should appear as the last part of your introduction. The thesis statement gives a clear picture of the aim of your paper. It should be precise and easy to understand.

The Body Paragraph

Here is where the writer will provide all the ideas to support the theme of his essay paper. The body should contain three paragraphs. Each paragraph should present a new approach that validates the main objective of the essay. To deliver a proper paragraph, you’ll need to arrange your info in a systematic manner.

First, you’ll provide a claim relevant to your topic. After, you’ll then support your claim. Your claims won’t be valid unless you provide examples to act as evidence to back them up. The remaining two paragraphs should also follow the above-stated format.

The Conclusion Paragraph

Now, what is an essay report without a conclusion in it? The last paragraph to include in your outline is the conclusion. Here, you’ll need to summarize the entire essay paper. First, you’ll need to restate your thesis statement. Then you’ll outline the major points in your essay and link it to the objective of your essay. Doing so enables you to justify your work. Finally, you should provide your final thought decided by the findings in your report.

Now, are you ready to write the final report of your 5 paragraph essay outline? Follow the above tips!