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A Custom Wine Cellar in Georgia

The owners of this Georgia cellar began with an empty room and vision.  They knew the bottle content they wished to store and knew that they would have a combination of bottles in case quantities, single bottles and crate storage.  We put together several design ideas and worked with the clients to come to a final configuration that would provide beauty, elegance and functionality for their space.  The overall design was a true collaboration.  We created a visual walkthrough showing how the racks and table would look in their final placement.  The option to have this walk through created helped with the final visualization of the space.
Computer generated preview
Here is the space as finished.  The beauty and elegance of the racks combined with the natural stone floor and walls resulted in a space that is warm and welcoming as well as unique and functional.  The number of racks and tables leaves room for additional wine purchases and displays the owner's current collection to perfection.

This is a side view highlighting a series of wall racks.  This is a unique design that utilizes the corner space of the room without breaking the continuity of the flow of racks.  This also includes a single bottle rack on the end of the row of racks to hold large format bottles.

The owner has a beautiful collection of sauternes that are highligted by the layers of single bottle storage in the display table.  The picure also shows a closeup of the corner configuration.


This cellar is the epitome of beauty, elegance and functionality.  We specialize in working with clients to meet their specific storage needs within the space they have available.  Each cellar is a unique project and reflects the personality and taste of the individual owners.



My husband Tom and I spent three months looking for the proper wine racks to complete our new wine cellar. When we heard about Old World Wine Racks and the unique craftsmanship of Mark Lessard, we knew we had the finishing touch for our beautiful cellar. Mark is truly an artisan and his wine racks are the focal point of our cellar. Our wine racks are magnificent, a work of art and always a point of discussion with guests. His professionalism as well as attention to detail are unfounded. Many thanks.

Nicole & Tom Di Palermo
Saratoga Springs, NY